Product Information

Deliver a show-stopping dish at your next backyard cookout, or gift a colleague with a fine-dining experience in the comfort of their home. The size of the cowboy cut alone will impress, but when perfectly cooked and seasoned - the final product will exceed all expectations.

If you find yourself seeking preparation suggestions, our classically trained chefs advise salting the ribeye generously - at least 40 minutes prior to cooking - so moisture will be drawn out and then reabsorbed, doing wonders for the flavor. Begin on low heat and finish on high for that perfect sear. At Calvetti Meats, it’s our passion to bring you only the highest of quality and expertly prepared cuts, so you can impress and enjoy with ease.

Bone-In Cowboy Cut Ribeye

  • Black Angus Cattle
  • The Same Steaks as Steakhouses
Size: 16 oz - 4 pieces

Our benefits

  • Experience and expertise
    Our business was born in the heart of the historic Union Stockyard district of Chicago providing high-quality and delicious meats to discerning customers in foodservice and retail industries.

  • Quality
    Experience is essential when it comes to preparing the perfect cuts of meat consistently, but it all begins with the product. Our commitment to providing only the finest cuts of meats drives our passion, and comes from our many years in pursuit of providing perfection to all