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The porterhouse steak is an imposing and desirable cut for reasons that are not hard to see - or taste. The porterhouse steak is where the robust and flavorful characteristics of the top loin meets the soft and delicate cut of tenderloin. Much like a T-bone steak - only even larger with even more tenderloin steak for you to savor and enjoy - our Black Angus porterhouse is a generous cut of meat that allows you to enjoy two cuts of steak in one meal, each with their own delectable qualities.

A porterhouse steak is the perfect gift - for business, loved ones, or to yourself - and a generous option to offer as a dining choice for customers. No matter your plans, and no matter the size of your order, Calvetti Meats will proudly deliver this decadent indulgence to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Angus Beef Porterhouse

  • Black Angus Cattle
  • The Same Steaks as Steakhouses
Size: 24 oz - 2 pieces

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    Experience is essential when it comes to preparing the perfect cuts of meat consistently, but it all begins with the product. Our commitment to providing only the finest cuts of meats drives our passion, and comes from our many years in pursuit of providing perfection to all