Our Proud History

Proud purveyors of fine beef since 1939

Few things are comparable to a quality cut of meat - tender and decadent, served elegantly with ingredients hand selected to complement the natural characteristics of corn-fed, 100% Black Angus beef. ‘Perfection’ may be an elevated goal, but when the meal starts with more than 40 years of family values, the passion of a father and son, and the expertise of only the most talented butchers - those with even the most discerning of tastes need look no further than Calvetti Meats.

Calvetti Meats offers everything you need - from succulent, pre-prepared filets that are ready for you to simply heat, serve, and enjoy the moment they arrive, to raw and rare cuts of meat that are yours to sear or roast to perfection - no matter your heart’s desire. Select from a diverse and exceptional line of beef, pork, chicken, and more - and deliver a mouth-watering meal from the comfort of your home, your business, while traveling, or as a gift to give those with a taste for the finer things in life.

Jamie Calvetti


We guarantee complete product satisfaction with everything we do